Client policy

ADWISE AGENCY business in the main part consists of advertising the goods and services of our clients (hereinafter – clients) with using the advertising networks of our partners (hereinafter – partners).

ADWISE AGENCY’s client policy details the manner in which we support our clients, and describes who our clients are and our general principles for accepting and performing assignments.

ADWISE AGENCY’s business concept is to help companies and organizations improve their brands, make them more popular and recognized.

ADWISE AGENCY helps its clients become more competitive and effective by creating measurable results such as:

  • Fair share price
  • Attractive work environment
  • Strong brand
  • Positive public opinion
  • Good reputation with key audiences
  • Effective ad instruments
  • Successful recruitment
  • Establishment in new markets

Measurable values are created in relation to clients, shareholders, communities and organizations. ADWISE AGENCY identifies the critical success factors from an advertising standpoint and assists its clients in utilizing these to their best advantage. ADWISE AGENCY aims to be regarded by its clients as a source of great potential, one which clients can draw upon in order to more quickly attain their strategic goals.

ADWISE AGENCY’s mission is to create success stories through advertising platforms and to be a premier meeting place for those seeking to use our skills and advertising opportunities to achieve measurable value.

ADWISE AGENCY aims to be top-of-mind and to have a stellar reputation among business leaders and experts in all markets in which it operates.

ADWISE AGENCY works with companies and organizations that are experiencing intense change or growth and who understand the strategic value of advertising of its brand or services.

ADWISE AGENCY works in strict compliance with relevant laws and regulations of any applicable jurisdiction.

ADWISE AGENCY looks for assignments and clients that offer professional challenges, heighten our reputation and increase our structural capital. Each new client presents new opportunities, but may also mean that other doors are closed to us. All new clients are approved by the Managing Director of the relevant office. In cases where a potential client is active in several markets, the partner group determines whether or not ADWISE AGENCY can accept the assignment if this is a matter of uncertainty. ADWISE AGENCY do not work and cooperate with partners and/or clients who propose ad platforms which are contradict to the principles of morality, interfere the rights of third parties and legislation of the clients’ country.

ADWISE AGENCY does not accept any assignments from the clients which, as advise ADWISE AGENCY reasonably suspects or is aware of, are connected or involved with any unlawful and/or fraudulent activities; connected to the terrorist or other prohibited in relevant jurisdictions organizations; connected or involved in any money laundering activities; connected or involved in circulations of an inappropriate content. ADWISE AGENCY has the right to terminate unilaterally any relations with any clients which ADWISE AGENCY reasonably considers not in compliance with this Policy.

For the purposes of this Policy inappropriate content, among others, means:

Content that incites hatred against, promotes discrimination of, or disparages an individual or group on the basis of their race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or other characteristic that is associated with systemic discrimination or marginalization;

Content that harasses, intimidates, or bullies an individual or group of individuals;

Content that threatens or advocates for harm on oneself or others;

Content that seeks to exploit others;

Promotions containing violent language, gruesome or disgusting imagery, or graphic images or accounts of physical trauma;

Promotions containing obscene or profane language;

Promotions that are likely to shock or scare;

Content that may be deemed as capitalizing on or lacking reasonable sensitivity towards a natural disaster, conflict, death, or other tragic event;

Content that promotes cruelty or gratuitous violence towards animals;

Content that may be interpreted as trading in, or selling products derived from, threatened or extinct species;

Sexually explicit content (text, image, audio, or video of graphic sexual acts intended to arouse; content promoting underage, non-consensual, or other illegal sexual themes, whether simulated or real; content that may be interpreted as promoting a sexual act in exchange for compensation);

Content promoting the sexual exploitation of minorsy or any equivalent content;

Any other content which subject to applicable jurisdiction is prohibited for advertising.

Access to clients’ proprietary information is often essential to the successful performance of ADWISE AGENCY’s assignments.  It is therefore of vital importance that our clients have full faith and confidence that ADWISE AGENCY will protect such trade secrets.

ADWISE AGENCY is obliged to exercise the utmost discretion with respect to its clients’ business affairs.  Therefore, ADWISE AGENCY may not, without the client’s due consent and except as required by law, disclose any client proprietary information which has, within the scope of ADWISE AGENCY’s activities on behalf of the client, been disclosed to ADWISE AGENCY or to which ADWISE AGENCY has obtained access.

As a result of increased industry consolidation, ADWISE AGENCY increasingly works with Partners that operate within the same or closely related industry sectors. This provides us with increased sector expertise, which benefits our clients in the form of better understanding how to promote their business in the best way.

Every ADWISE AGENCY employee is bound to strictly observe professional confidentiality with respect to ADWISE AGENCY’s operations and any and all information which they are privy to as a consequence of their professional duties.  This duty of confidentiality, regulated by confidentiality agreement, continues after the employment relationship with ADWISE AGENCY is terminated.

It is incumbent upon all ADWISE AGENCY employees to be familiar and comply with ethical guidelines for the industry. They are also required to know the applicable laws and regulations for the clients and assignments they work with.

In certain instances, ADWISE AGENCY cannot accept an assignment notwithstanding a potential client’s request for professional assistance and communicative expertise. Such instances include those in which the assignment could jeopardize ADWISE AGENCY’s relationship with other clients or customers or compromise ADWISE AGENCY’s independence or general image. It is therefore ADWISE AGENCY’s policy not to accept assignments from clients who want to promote illegal business of any nature.

All our clients are warned in case of ordering specific places for rendering advertising services our clients take the responsibility on themselves.

In order to successfully meet the needs of its clients, ADWISE AGENCY requires the full commitment and support of the client’s management team, access to the client’s data, joint ADWISE AGENCY -client formulation of assignment targets, the client’s willingness to change, and regularly scheduled meetings with the client.