Adwise Agency is designed by marketers, for marketers and business owners. We combine technology and creativity to build winning strategies for your brand. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we help you reach your marketing goals in the most cost-effective way.


Founded as a media buying company and network, Adwise Agency now provides 360° digital marketing services. Having started as a local agency, we’ve expanded our global footprint to grow brands on three continents.
In 6 years, we have processed more than 5,000 traffic sources, launched campaigns for 600+ advertisers, and delivered over 150,000 marketing materials.
Building on this experience, we help brands to hit the spot without breaking the bank.


By focusing on specific market niches, Adwise Agency holds leading positions in iGaming, FinTech, E-commerce, media campaigns, and performance marketing (CPA).
Precise specialization and deep expertise help us understand client needs at a glance, which saves their time and money. You set a goal – we make it happen.


We develop and use our own AdTech solutions for ad distribution, campaign management, real-time bidding, tracking, and analytics. This allows us to stand out by providing a full range of marketing services faster, better, and, most importantly, more comprehensively for our clients.


The average work experience of a marketer at our company is more than three years. Our core team has been together since the founding of Adwise Agency. Our newcomers are never newbies in marketing. Looking for talents, we focus on LQ rather than IQ. in order to instantly respond to new trends and use every opportunity to promote your business.


We value growth, innovations, creativity, freedom of thoughts, and humanity. Yes, humanness is important – although we leverage technology, people are always the ones to make decisions and move things forward. With Adwise Agency, your ad campaigns will always be thought out and tested by people.

Thank you for your interest. To start growing your brand, business, and revenue with Adwise Agency, contact us anytime by the link.