Integration for Demand-Side Platforms (DSP)

Get access to 1000+ ad placements across 400+ websites & apps by integrating with our supply-side platform (SSP). Capitalize on the OpenRTB protocol and reap the benefits:

  • Grow your conversion rate with high-converting traffic from in-stream videos and banners
  • Maximize your reach with an open auction system
  • Save money on each deal with the second-price auction model
  • Upscale non-stop using the in-house platform with 24/7 availability

    Integrate DSP

Integration for CPA Platforms

Choose your preferred integration method and generate high-quality leads at the best prices:

  • Send data. We integrate your tracking system and import your conversion data. You aggregate all the stats in your personal profile and monitor the efficiency of your ad campaigns in real time.
  • Receive data. We integrate your tracking counters and send you data about impressions and clicks. You aggregate all the stats in your own system.

    Integrate CPA platform

Integration for Data Feeds

Tired of updating creatives depending on events and special offers? Save time and effort by integrating your data feed with Adwise. We will automatically update your dynamic creatives so that you can skip this routine and focus on revenue growth.

The benefits:

  • Keep your announcements and special offers up-to-date without any effort
  • Find and reach your target audience using dynamic banners, branding and video creatives.
  • Focus on concepts while we ensure the variability

    Integrate Data Feed

Integration for Sell-Side Platforms (SSP)

Working with many partners and traffic sources? We will integrate all SSPs you need into a single system to streamline your effort and help you reach your goals faster.

The benefits:

  • Enhance your reach by leveraging an integrated approach to your campaigns
  • Adhere to the limits and impression frequency without overlaps between different platforms
  • Capitalize on our expertise in cross-platform ad optimization

    Integrate SSPs

Integration for Data Management Platforms (DMP)

All Adwise partners get access to our audience segments and retargeting options. If you are interested in specific segments provided by our traffic sources, the DMP integration will do the trick.

The benefits:

  • Find and reach specific, high-traffic audience segments without the need to use additional platforms and tools
  • Create your own audience segments by mixing data from different sources
  • Improve your reach by leveraging lookalike modeling

    Integrate through DMP

API Integration

Import your ad campaign data to your platform and receive all ad parameters through API integration.

The benefits:

  • Analyze your ad performance with the utmost convenience
  • Set up automated data collection with your preferred frequency
  • Consolidate the results of your multiple partners in a unified system

    Integrate through API